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Thayer Lodging, Brookfield Hotel Properties, is a privately held hospitality investment company based in Annapolis, Maryland that was formed in 1991 by Frederic V. Malek and Leland C. Pillsbury. To date, Thayer has completed 44 hotel investments with a total acquisition cost of approximately $2.7 billion. Thayer invests in hotels with the backing of the Brookfield Property Group.

Thayer’s funds currently own a portfolio of 13 hotels and 3,975 guest rooms. In addition, through an investment in Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Thayer has ownership interests in 34 additional hotels. Globally, Thayer manages over 73,000 guest rooms.

Thayer employs a disciplined approach to asset selection and targets investments with significant value creation opportunities. Thayer seeks to invest in hotels and hospitality related ventures in which the company can use its operational expertise to add value. These strategies include, but are not limited to, renovations, repositioning, rebranding, management modification, channel distribution management, expense control and creative capital structuring.

Thayer’s extensive network of hotel industry relationships provides an exclusive pipeline of transactions.. A substantial majority of Thayer’s investments have originated from off-market sources as a result of the breadth and depth of the firm’s connections.

Additionally, Thayer’s relationships with several leading international hotel brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Starwood and Hyatt facilitate deal sourcing and constructing creative capital structures to favor its investors.